Returning is easier with encouragment

The main reason to why i returned back to this online space of mine was because i missed doing the interviews that i used to do. If it wasn't for Claire i think that i would still have only been thinking about returning....continuing to miss it and not actually doing something about it. At least it would have taken me a much longer time to return. Thank you so much dear Claire for encouraging me in this process (and for inspiring me so much through your own blog and work). 

It is such a blessing to work on an interview, that i like to call conversations really. I feel so full of joy and excitement everytime someone says yes when i contact them to ask if they would consider being interviewed for this little online space of mine. The conversations are always made without any time pressure or deadlines, something that i find essential for both me and the person i interview. When i sit down to work on the questions they sometimes take shape so fast that it almost feels like the process was over before i even got started on it. Sometimes it can take shape over a longer period of time and i love that: how each conversation takes on it's own shape and form...even it's own pace.

Photo: Claire's own photo of one of her beautiful embroidered sachets.  


  1. Thank you for your kind words that fill my heart with joy. Love to you dear one <3


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