Coming: a conversation with Claire

"Hello, I’m Claire! I live with my husband and our two four-legged family members in a 300 year old hay-loft in the mountains in the South of France. Since moving from the Netherlands to the French mountains, with the woods at our doorstep, we live with the rythm of nature and it´s seasons.
As an illustrator I work with colour every day and I was curious to explore the colour world of natural dyeing, understand more about plants and the colours they give us so that I can be even more connected to the beautiful nature that surrounds us.

With plant extracts, foreging wild plants close to my home and flowers from my dye garden I am dreaming up colours. All colours are chosen intuitively, depending on the day, my mood or what I have found while foreging or picked from our garden. It all comes together with the local rustic wool from my neighbours farm that I use for dyeing. It gives me so much joy to connect this way to the landscape it all originates from.

Will you join me on my journey of dyeing with plant extracts and wild flowers?"