Wife, daughter, sister and friend. Believer, tea drinker, waffle eater, a dress girl, passionate knitter, letter writer and poetry lover. (Almost) nothing beats eating a warm waffle with butter and brunost on...and i always carry with me a little notebook...or two or three....just in case i come across something....like maybe a nice quote or a creative idea....*smiling*... I am childishly joyful when it comes to presents, both giving and receiving and when i find a snail-mail in my mail box i always turn into a big smile. I am a passionat knitter who tries to learn sewing now and then from my mother.....and these are a few of my favourite "things": LIFE, spring and autumn, garden and flowers, trees and leaves, feathers, butterflies and birds, jasmine or orange blossom tea, mary olivers poetry, keith jarrets music, my country and especially the northern part of it.