Lucky ones/A month of giving!

Lucky ones/A month of giving:

Day 1: Catie.
Day 2: Kristina.
Day 3: Kica.
Day 4: Jenna/hardknitlife.
Day 5: Diane S receives the book "Asking".
Day 5: sassysistersink receives the book "Calm Things".
Day 6: Kristin/sew technicolor.
Day 7: Cindy/hellcat vintage.
Day 8: Ellen/pustolla1.
Day 9: Jennifer C.
Day 10: Patricia A. McGoldrick.
Day 11: Aggeliki.
Day 12: Plain and joyful living.
Day 13: Sandra/the slow catwalk.
Day 14: Margie Oomen.
Day 15: Leigh M.
Day 16: Cally/Forest & Sea.
Day 17: Amanda Rataj.
Day 18: Elizabeth McMurtry.
Day 19: Fine.
Day 20: Caitriona S.
Day 21: Tilly N (hat pattern).
Day 21: Kristen S (shawl pattern).
Day 22: Fjord girl.
Day 23: Valerie/Sea Blue Wool


The last days have been rainy here. We have gone to sleep at night to the sound of raindrops against our bedroom window and woken up to the very same sound. The birds doesn't seem to mind the wet and grey weather.......they sing and eat from the feeders all day long. Yesterday i heard a "new" bird singing outside again, this one actually sounded like the ringing of a telephone. I have NO idea which type of bird that was but it would be quite fun to find out.
Rain is perfect weather for doing some knitting.....actually i consider EVERY kind of weather as being good knitting weather...*smiling*... I have just taken a break now after discovering that i had done something wrong and need to unravel 10 cm......grrrrr...
For my birthday i got a bag of some tiny but oooooo SO delicious organic orange- and chocolate eggs........i ate the last two today. I was thinking about saving them for easter but that didn't happen....*laughing*...  
The seeds that i planted in pots inside last week have started to show their green shootings now. Looking at them every morning makes me happy, such an ordinary thing seeing something grow but it always carries with it a feeling of magic for me...!

"Spring has returned.  The Earth is like a child that knows poems."
-Rainer Maria Rilke


  1. One of my favorite quotes......

    1. rilke....a favourite of mine : )

  2. What a lovely sound...raindrops :) Since I live so close to the river, too much rain makes us go on alert for flash floods :(. Enjoy your day V. mari

    1. thank you dear mari,
      enjoy yours too!: ))

  3. I hope you enjoyed those yummy chocolates! Of course you shouldn't wait until Easter to finish them! Seize the day!

  4. Coming to this space is always such a treat for me. It adds instant calm and joy to my day to see that you've posted something.
    And Easter is much too far away to keep from eating chocolates.

    1. OH you have a blog too now!!! HURRAAAAAYYYYY : ))))

      thank you for heart warming words my dear B, always makes me happy to hear from you!!


  5. I hope you will get to the bottom of your birdsong mystery! And Grrr, indeed about your knitting... that moment (sometimes a very long moment) of realization that a mistake has been made that needs correcting is never a pleasant one. I hope today brings you much more satisfaction, in all things :)

  6. Happy Easter, V! A perfect time for knitting! I got wonderful yarn in the post yesterday. Superfine wool from Hillesvåg, in a beautiful grayish blue. Making a vintage style pullover for my darling sister, knitting needles in sizes 2 and 2,5!!! :-D

    1. HAPPY EASTER and knitting kjære Kristin!
      Garn i posten er allltid stas,
      og FY SÅ heldig søster du har : )


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