A cup of tea with Melody

I am quite passionate about tea and because i hugely enjoy both drinking it and talking about it i have "sat down" together with some lovely tea drinking ladies and asked them a few questions about their relationship with tea. This time it is the lovely Melody and i who are having our tea-time together....*smiling*..

V: When did you first start drinking tea?
M: As a kid I never liked to drink tea or infusions. I really thought that tea was such a "boring" and tasteless beverage. But I really changed my mind when I arrived in China. I discovered that tea was more that a tasteless tea bag in hot water.

V: Tea times, they are my very favourite moments of the day. It is so much more than just the taste and the smell of the tea that makes it so special to me. It also has something to do with the ritual of preparing the tea (i almost always use loose tea), the slowness of fills me with a sense of peace. What does these tea breaks mean to you Melody?
M: I enjoy tea in so many different ways. When I'm alone, I usually like to have some "tea breaks" in my kitchen, enjoy the silence and the view outside, and gather my ideas in a notebook. When I have friends coming over, I always love to set the table, and get ready for a little "tea ceremony". We usually drink different teas when we meet.

V: Do you prefer loose tea or tea bags?
M:  I like to use both. When I'm more busy, I usually drop a tea bag in my mug, and when I want to relax a bit more I prepare my chinese teapot for some loose tea.

V: Your favourite teas?
M: My all time favourite tea is Oolong. The taste of this tea is just incredible. It's sweet and so flavourful at the same time. But it's almost impossible to get good one here.
I could definitely say that my favourite teas are natural ones: sencha, tieguanying, puer, dahongpao... But I also like mixed teas, especially Monk tea from Palais des thés. And before going to bed I always drink a cup of Yogi tea or clipper infusions.

V: Where do you mostly buy your tea?
M: My first answer would be China, but that's not true anymore! I had to search nice place for a long time! Now, I exclusively buy tea in organic shops.

V: Are there a good tea selection where you live?
M:  I don't think that people in Latvia drink a lot of tea. However they really like to drink dry herb and fruits mixes. But they love kombucha! I don't really know if I could categorize it with teas though..

V: Favourite things to eat together with your tea?
M:  Chocolate and fruits! But any home baked treat would be fine with me. Oh and fruit leather!

V: Most times, do you do something while having your tea?
M: Yes. If I'm drinking my "working tea", I"ll probably be knitting something. And if it's my "tea break" time, I'll be gathering idea in a notebook or I'll make lists.

V: Do you often drink tea together with friends and/or family?
M: Most of the time I drink my tea alone. But when my sweetheart's around, we always try to have a cuppa together. And when friends come over, we usually have tea parties!

V: Which tea cup of the day do enjoy the most and why?
M: The one that I enjoy the most is when everything is quiet and still outside. Sometimes, I bring a thermostat with me in the woods, and I enjoy a hot beverage alone in the nature.

V: Do you have a favourite tea cup/mug?
M: My favourite one is a simple white mug that has a traditional pattern on it. I also love to drink my teas in jars with mug cosies around.

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  1. The idea of bringing a thermostat in the woods to enjoy a cup of tea among nature is as simple as beautiful!
    Truly love this conversation:) And I love also Melody's blog and pictures*

  2. I always enjoy these tea posts. It is so interesting to read about tea cultures and thought about tea. The third picture took my breath away...simply beautiful.


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