A conversation, with Panda_mr

There are so many women that inspires me in their own unique way and through these conversation posts you and i get the pleasure of getting to know a bit more about them. About those ordinary but interesting things like for example what it is that inspires them, what a typical day in their life looks like, where they find beauty...  
This time it is the lovely panda_mr that has sat down and answered my questions.



V: First i want to thank you for saying yes to do this conversation together with me! Ever since i first came across you on Instagram i have been "hooked" on your pictures, they both inspire me and make me feel happy.....your sense and taste for colors and patterns hugely appeal to me....*smiling*.
I thought it would be nice if you could start with sharing a bit about yourself?

P: First of all, thank you so much for your kind words, and for asking me to have this conversation! I live in Oslo, Norway, with my husband and two kids aged 8 months and 3 years.  When I was pregnant with my first born I suddenly felt the need to learn to crochet, because I wanted to make a baby blanket for her. From that moment on I have been hooked on yarn! Two years ago I decided it was time to refresh my knitting skills (hadn`t knitted since childhood), and after that I have been knitting a whole lot for my kids. I am currently on maternity leave, and I guess the extra time I`ve had on my hands since the arrival of my second daughter is the reason for me starting to post pictures from my everyday life on Instagram.  I feel that my creativity is really blooming, there is so much I want to make and learn, both when it comes to photography, home crafts and other things. There is just not enough time!

V: 5 words that you would choose to describe yourself?
P: Mom, knitter, music listener, walker and coffee drinker.

V: What inspires you..where do you find inspiration?
P: I find inspiration from so many places, from music, literature, movies, fashion, internet, and on These days I must say that I find a lot of inspiration on Instagram, both when it comes to handicrafts and other things! Also, I find a lot of inspiration from my own childhood. Thinking back, I remember things that used to fascinate me, like toys, and clothes that I myself liked to wear as a kid. I guess you can call me a nostalgic. My daughters’ bookshelf is filled with the books I loved growing up.

V: I am hugely in love with everything you knit and sew...all the beautiful childrens clothing makes me wish that i was 3 and not 39!!. I am curious to know if you prefer one of these crafts above the other? And if so, why?
P: I am definitely a knitter, not a seamstress. For me, knitting is so many different things. It can be a time out, where I forget my worries and focus on what I am doing in that exact moment. It can also be challenging, but it feels fulfilling when I master whatever it is that has proven difficult for me. Sometimes knitting is something I can do while watching TV or talking (I guess it depends on what exactly is being knitted!). Sewing is something I recently started doing, mostly because I just wanted to see if I could. I love Danish children’s wear, but some of it can be rather expensive. So I decided to use the same kind of fabric, but make something of my own. For me, sewing is demanding, not something "cozy" or relaxing like knitting. But I must say it is fun to try for a change! 

V: Have you grown up in a crafty family?
P: Yes, I guess you could say that. One of my grandfathers was both a painter and photographer, and my father was into photography as well. On my mothers side there has been a lot of handicraft, but mostly for the purpose of making things that were needed in the household. I feel that while I mostly knit with the purpose of challenging myself and experience some kind of mastery, they mostly knitted because of the need of it.

V: What is your first knitting memory and who learned you to knit? And what about sewing?
P: I don`t remember an exact first experience with knitting, but I do remember that my grandmother, and her sister, almost always sat with their knitting while we were having afternoon coffee when I was a child. Also, I remember there was a lot of talk about knitting, different patterns, yarns etc. My grandmother is so fast, she knits a mitten in an evening. I also remember it was very boring to try on half made clothes, that they wanted to see if fit. I didn`t understand or appreciate at the time, all the hard work and love they put into their works! I think both my mother and grandmother helped me learn how to knit, but it was also part of education at school. As a grown up, I had to use YouTube to refresh my memory!  

V: What is currently on the top of your want-to-knit list? And when it comes to sewing?
P: There are so many things I want to knit! I want to knit shorts for both of my girls that they can use during spring and summer. I also want to make another Immie tee and a Bloomsbury sweater. I am contemplating whether to knit a Korrigan jacket or another jacket for my eldest daughter. Also, I have started on a blanket called Umaro, but don`t know if I ever will have the time to finish it. I have not knitted anything from Amimono, but want to buy the Little Nordic Collection, with patterns inspired by the world of Astrid Lindgren. I also plan to knit the "Clara" dress. When it comes to sewing I don`t have any plans, I guess I will sew something to match new knitted pieces if i find the motivation! 

V: Either it is your knittings or sewing i hugely like the colors and patterns you pick! I am curious to know what your favourite colors are, and color combinations? Also if this is something that often is in change? For example because of the different seasons and also because of new trends?
P:  I don`t think I have any favorite color, but I think that I have periods where I am really into either a color nuance or a color combination. For instance, lately I have been into pink, but not ordinary pink, rather powdery pink, peach-pink or dusty pink. I also have had a period where I have tended to pick greens; teal, sea green, apple green. Right now different kind of pastels, mostly in somewhat uncommon combinations, is what I like! Today, for instance I`m thinking lavender and apple green. Would`ve loved to have a shorts and jacket for my baby in those colors, with a matching blouse in a flower print! 
 Yes, I definitely think that both changing of seasons and trends influence both the colors, type of yarns, patterns and the structures of what I make! For instance, during autumn I tend to choose colors like aubergine, mustard yellow and navy blue.

V: Can you share your favourite brands when it comes to yarn and fabric with us?
P: I really like trying out new types of yarns and color palettes! Right now I must say that Quince & co yarn is a favorite, both because of the colors and nuances they make and because of the quality and feel of the yarn. I think that Quince offers some qualities that I haven't yet found among the available yarns in Norway. And of course, because it is difficult to come by here, it feels luxurious and rare, and that is always a plus ;-) When it comes to Norwegian yarns, I often go back to Du Store Alpakka, and their types of yarn called Babysilk and Fin. Both are soft to touch, they have several colors I like (although I often long for even more exciting array of colors) and to me they seem to be of good quality. I also like yarn from, mostly because of their more playful take on colors. Sometimes I can get "hung up" on a type of yarn for a while, and want to experiment with it. Most recently I have really liked Abuelita 4 ply yarn, and used it to make a vest of my own design, a Bloomsbury sweater and a Columbine Hoodie. When it comes to fabric, I don`t have a lot of experience with purchasing them, but I tend to buy Liberty of London, because I really like their takes on patterns and colors. 

Petra Dress

Petra Dress

V: Among all the clothes that you have knitted could you share your absolute favourites with us?
P: I think the "Petra dress" from`s blog is one of my favorites. I like the design, which is from an old Norwegian pattern. The dress has a retro feel, which I like a lot, and also it took a lot of discipline to make it (small needles, really wide skirt….). More recently I am happy with the Icelandic sweater "Frost", because knitting with several colors is hard for me. I have also made a cardigan with a lot of cables for my eldest daughter, the pattern is from a book called "Labour of Love". That took a lot of work!

V: Do you also sew and knit for yourself or only for your kids? 
P: I must admit, I am rather inpatient. It is so much more rewarding to make things for my kids, and it takes a lot less time. I have knitted my self the occasional sweater, but nothing to write home about!

V: Your favourite blogs and sites and also what you especially enjoy about them?
P: Actually, I do not have that many blogs and sites that I regularly visit, lately Instagram has taken more of my time… But I really like, and her previous blog I love her sense of color combinations! I also like the pickles blog. is another favorite, both for finding patterns and for yarn suggestions. 


V: What kind of value and importance does creativity have in your life?
P: I guess I would say that it means a lot, but also that it varies a bit depending on where I am in life. I think photography is the form of creativity that has been with me most of my life, it has sort of always been present, more or less. The camera has both been a tool for capturing moments, as a means to make "scenes", or like now; like a set of "second eyes" to see my knittings with. I am thinking about starting a blog, but I don`t know if I have the guts for it. 

V: If you were to explore/learn a new craft, what would that be and why?
P: I am not sure, actually. I guess I would focus on getting better at sewing or photography. Right now I find it so fun to knit, that I mostly just want to use my sparetime on that (or browsing the web for yarn suggestions or new patterns ;-) )

V: Other interests/things you enjoy using your time on?
P: Obviously it is my family! Two small kids is a lot of work AND fun! I am also very fond of traveling, and seeing the world. But right now, my priorities is my everyday life with my man and kids!

V: We are soon heading into spring here in Norway now, a season that is very dear to my heart.
What do you especially enjoy about this season?

P: So many things! I think it is the best of all seasons. I really enjoy the days getting longer. The winters can be quite dark and long where I live, and so more light is always a plus. Also, seeing plants grow to life, and the gras and trees getting greener; nothing can compare to that! From feeling sort of grayish, life gets filled with color.

V: As a closing i want to ask you about what you are most grateful and happy about in your life right now?
I also want to thank you for this lovely and inspiring conversation!...*smiling*...
P: That must be my two daughters, that constantly reminds me of what is important in life, and that sometimes makes me see life from a child’s perspective again.  
 Thank you so much for asking me! This has certainly been a new and exiting experience for me. Thank you so much, 


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