A day in the woods together with my mom. 
Knitting and picking tons of lingonberries...
just enjoying being in nature..
the sounds...the sight...the scents...
the PEACE.

Monthly quote, october.

"Learn to pause...
or nothing worthwhile
will catch up to you."
-Doug King

(Inspired by Ruthie, from the wonderful blog Raincloud & Sage, i am going to join her in the beginning of every month with making a Monthly quote post in here. Feel free to join in too...*smiling...).


Winner of the 6 Bits Storybooks 1st Issue.

Congratulations to Beth Jillette, you won!!....*smiling...
Thank you to everyone that has entered 
to Mel for allowing me to host
this wonderful giveaway- it was such a pleasure!

Photos by 6 Bits 


Giveaway: 6 Bits storybooks -1st Issue: Unearth.

I am so excited about hosting this giveaway that i actually have butterflies in my stomach now while putting this blog post together!...*smiling... This autumn day has been beautifully sunny and bright. Now it is soon night and outside my window the full moon is saying hello. Before i sat down to write this blog post i prepared a big pot of delicious jasmine green tea that i am enjoying now while writing and the sound and warmth from the burning fireplace brings even more cosyness to an already lovely moment. Ane Brun's new album is playing in the background and the scent from my beeswax candle has started to fill the room.

A lof of you already know how passionate i am about both supporting and sharing about independent makers. 6 Bits is such a unique and deeply beautiful publication and i am truly and deeply honored by being given this big pleasure of giving away their 1st issue, Unearth, to one of you (including the ones following me on Instagram)- thank you so much, dear Mel!

And before i let you know how you can enter in this giveaway
i want to share a little bit about 6 Bits with you

          An innovative knitting publication flowing from journeys of story tellers:
knitters, photographers, writers, designers, friends and nature.
           A digital quarterly for knitters who love to immerse themselves deeply in their knitting experience. 
          Readers and contributors make new discoveries and meaningful connections with yarn providers, designers, writers and the creative community around them.
         Gives attention to the origin of all the elements that are integral parts of knitting's story.

A new story each season
1issue Unearth- october
2issue Dwell- january
3issue Reflect- april
4issue Return- july.

Read much more, subscribe and keep updated through 6 Bits storybooks website.

And now, dear readers, how to enter in this giveaway...*smiling.

-The giveaway is only open for 48 hours. It closes at the end of sunday (CET). The winner will be picked by doing a random drawing and i will announce the winner on the following day.
-You can enter both through my blog and my instagram. 
-The more ways you enter in, the bigger the chance you have to win:
Leave a comment under this blog post
Leave a comment under my instagram announcement of this giveaway
Follow 6 Bits Storybooks on Instagram
Share about 6 Bits Storybooks on your blog
Share about 6 Bits Storybooks on your instagram

NOTE: REMEMBER to let me know in your comment (here and/or on instagram) about which ways you have shared/entered in! 

Mel, and the others involved in the 6 Bits publication, are looking forward to connecting!
Where to find and ways to connect:
Follow Mel (MSkiKnits) and 6bitsstorybooks on Instagram 
Visit the website (and share it with others if you like it)
Feel free to email Mel to say aloha and suggest ideas about what you would enjoy seeing stories about


Colorful rainy days

The weather here are very grey and rainy, but autumn are coloring nature in such glorious colors that the "greyness" of these rainy days are easely chased away. The pink colored dahlias on my table are also adding colors, and so are my knitting projects too...*smiling. 
My grandmother had a lot of dahlias in her garden (yellow and orange ones) so every year when they are in season i have to buy a big bouquet of them because they fill me with such happy memories from time spent together with her.
Speeking of colors. A couple of months back i bought a box of paint (a green color) for one of the walls in our hallway. Several years back i painted this wall in a fresh turquoise-mint color that i have been bored of for quite some time now. I think this will be a perfect project for those (coming) darker and more colorless days (read: winter).
Warm porridge for breakfast, wearing woolens, burning candles in the evening and borrowing more books at the library- all are signs that i am well into my autumn "habits" already...*smiling! I love warm soups and stews, and in one of the coming days i am going to make a big casserole of this recipe. It sounds and looks absolutely delicious!



"Each new day is a gift that we get to unwrap—and we each do it in our own way. Maybe you tear into the day as you would rip open ribbons and wrapping paper, or maybe you proceed slowly and deliberately—following a plan, carefully untangling and refolding bows and paper. 

Each morning is a reminder to try again, to live deliberately, to feel hopeful, to use your senses and take on the ever-changing beauty that is all around us. 

Think of the morning as a lesson that is unfolding to show you the fabric of all living things."

- Sandra Magsamen 


Fossil & Bone Shawl knit pattern giveaway (now closed).

-The winner of the knitting pattern is Paula Castro, congratulations!!

I am childishly excited about hosting a knit pattern giveaway in here again!...*smiling wide..
Say hello to Sylvia Bo Bilvia/Softsweater:
Knitwear Designer & Photographer. Most well known for designing & photographing The Lonely Tree Shawl.

"I’m Sylvia, or you can call me softsweater
I design patterns because I like to find my own way of doing things. This can sometimes get me in trouble… but for knitting it gets me designing!
My fibre blog can be found here, check it out!
My photography website can be found here. I am a knitwear photographer for hire - so be sure to check out my website for knitwear pricing.
You can also look me up on instagram to get updates as to what I’m watching or working on next. Or if you just want to look at my face. I may post quite a bit of photos of my face. I’m softsweater on there too.
Oh, and now I have twitter again too. I’m @softsweaters on there."

Sylvia is giving away a copy of her gorgeous Fossil & Bone shawl knit pattern (above) to one of you. If you like to enter this giveaway just leave a comment under this blog post, remember to also write with your email address so i can get in touch with you if you become the lucky one. Giveaway closes at the end of this coming wednesday and the winner will be announced in here on the following day.

I adore not only Sylvia's gorgeous knit patterns but also her beautiful photographies.
The most lovely eye candy,

All photos by Sylvia.


When the seasons of both shorter and colder days arrive i must admit that the time i spend online increases...*smiling. I wanted to share with you some of the places that i like to visit on the web, places that inspires me. These are only a very few of them, check out my blog roll for several more if you like. 
And maybe you can share some of your favourites with me...*smiling. I always love getting tips about sites, podcasts and other online places that inspires. 

-Contented Life
-Calm Things
-Hello there, friend
-The Lovely Quiet
-Paper Tiger

-The Simple Show

-The Gemmers
-Little wings