Lately here

I have been suffering from a serious case of "second sock syndrome" lately. Complete and utter boredom!!! BUT it is going to lay under someones Christmas tree THIS year so i just had to pull myself together and finally this morning i got it finished! I think the main reason this time is that my head is filled with so many new knitting projects that i want to start on.....and all for myself.....*smiling...i am a afraid that i have spent too much time on knitting sites lately.
I have given in and let go of trying to be a self-controlled and "good" girl: i am suddenly three days ahead on my chocolate advent calendar. I feel quite brave for admitting it.....*laughing...
Sunshine and bright blue sky for some hours every day lately! What a true blessing that is. The ground is sprinkled with a thin layer of white snow now after a tiny snowfall earlier today. And just because of this thin layer of whiteness it makes everything feel so much brighter outside.
Still no sign of bullfinches at the feeders in our garden, i deeply miss the sight of this bird. I know that bullfinches prefers to eat directly from the ground instead of from the feeders. And maybe that's why they aren't here, because it is so easy for them to find food in nature now when it is so little snow.
This year i have read quite a lot of novels by Norwegian authors, most of them were actually debut novels. These days i am also reading a novel by a Norwegian author, the newest one by Rune Christiansen. Christiansen was a new author to me and since i am loving this book so much i am of course hugely looking forward to read his other ones too. Yesterday i noticed that there are also published a few collections of poetry by him too and i simply can't wait to get them from the library!
Thinking about maybe baking something this weekend, for example buns.... Or maybe i will end up starting on a new knitting project...for myself this time...*smiling...

Happy weekend sweet ones!


We are having one of those bright and cold winter days here today. The low laying and thick unmoving fog that has been covering everything around here the last days has finally disappeared. The sky is bright and blue, the sun is shining and here and there the frost is sparkling. I ate my breakfast by the kitchen window today so that i could sit and view the beautiful way that the frost had covered our garden and to catch as much bright light as i could when it first is here. The birds were eating from the feeders, looking like soft round "fluffy" balls because of the cold.
Only a few minutes spent outside now and ones cheeks turns red (and head turns clear...*smiling). I am happily wearing lots of wooly loveliness, a knitter truly loves this time of year where all the warm knitted pieces one has made comes to use. 
I wish that i could have filled up a box for each and one of you with some of the beautiful and sparkling frost flowers from my garden. Tied a pretty bow around it and sent it your way.
With love, V.


Knitting plans for the new year

I took a break in my knitting of Christmas gifts today and dreamt away for some time by looking through my want-to-knit list on Ravelry (and also partly on Pinterest) is a list that is constantly growing...*smiling. After knitting socks and hats (both for Christmas gifts and for myself) for quite some time now i think i will be ready for a bigger knitting project in the beginning of the new year. Below are images of my two current favourites when it comes to the picking of pattern for that bigger project. Still some time to decide on, the only thing that i am sure of is the color and that is grey. I don't know exactly which shade i want, if i want a dark or light one....i haven't decided on which type of yarn that i want to knit with either.

Do you have any knitting/crafting plans ready for the new year?

And a few knitting/crafting related LOVES:
-Constantly inspired by Felicia's blog. Hugely enjoyed reading her post "In pursuit of stillness....(or not?)"!
-In love with Carrie Bostick Hoge ELEMENTS: a collection of gorgeous knits designs by Olga Buraya-Kefelian, Amy Christoffers, Bristol Ivy, Cecily Glowik MacDonald, and Carrie Bostick Hoge. And it was nice to get to read a bit about how this project began. Anything of Carries i always love! When i notice that a new pattern of hers is being released i KNOW that my want-to-knit list is going to grow longer...*smiling.
-This handwarmers knit kit is on my Christmas wishlist, so pretty and it is about time that i challenge myself with trying some stranded colorwork.

Stratum by Karolina Eckerdal for Wool People Vol. 8

© Brooklyn Tweed/Jared Flood

© Brooklyn Tweed/Jared Flood

Sous Sous by Norah Gaughan
© Loop, London

© Loop, London



The brightness that comes from gratitude

This day has felt noticeably bright despite of not having had either any sunshine or white snow to make it bright. I have made an evening walk in the winter darkness, it was so peaceful. The only sound to be heard were the crushing of frosted grass and leaves under my feet. It were only slightly cold but i put on my gorgeous mittens (that i have been dying to start wearing) that a very special friend of mine made and gave me earlier this year....*smiling.....she knows how to spoil me!! The moon has a circle painted around it tonight, it carries with it the sign of change in the weather....
The brightness that filled this day were caused and created by taking time to pause and give room for the gratitude that fills my heart.......gratitude over so much...


A cup of tea, with Kristina.

I am quite passionate about tea and because i hugely enjoy both drinking it and talking about it i have "sat down" together with some lovely tea drinking ladies and asked them a few questions about their relationship with tea. This time it is the sweet Kristina and i who are having our tea-time together.
PS: Check out Kristina's Etsy, it is filled with the most beautiful photographs! And i am (0f course) especially in love with her photos that are from my country Norway...*smiling...

V: Have you been drinking tea for a long time?
K: I’ve been drinking tea my whole life but I really started liking it as a teenager. Now I can’t imagine my day without at least one cup of tea!
V: Do you prefer loose tea or tea bags?
K: Depends. Generally I prefer loose tea, the flavor is so much nicer and more subtle. When I am at work or just out and about tea bags are a lot easier and quicker though. I have a drawer at my desk full of different teas! I was recently given a complete tea making set for my birthday including a thermometer, two teapots and lots of equipment for brewing the perfect pot of tea. Now I really enjoy doing it the ‘right’way.

V: Your favourite teas?
K: That’s a tough question! I love green tea, but also rooibos and peppermint. I’ve
recently fallen in love with chai as well, so anything with spices is great. My hands-
down favorite tea is by a small German-Irish company called “Solaris”. Their Rooibos Cacao Chai is Divine!
V: Where do you mostly buy Your tea?
K: We have this chain store called Tee Gschwender in Germany, who sell wonderful
loose teas so that’s where I get most of my teas. I can spend a lot of time in one of
those stores, just smelling different teas and trying to pick.
V: Do most of Your family and friends also drink tea?
K: Actually they lean more toward the coffee side! My boyfriend enjoys a cup of tea at the weekend though.

V: Favourite thing(s) to eat together with Your tea?
K: Cake or cookies, hands down! I’ve a sweet tooth. I’m so looking forward to baking ‘Plätzchen’ (German Christmas cookies) again in September to go with my tea.
V: Most times, do you do something while you drink Your tea?
K: I usually drink tea sitting on the couch while reading or knitting or working on the computer. I really like having something hot to drink on cold days, it gives me a wonderful feeling of comfort and warmth.
V: How does a typical tea-day look like for you?
K: I will usually have my first cup of tea in the morning which my boyfriend makes for me (aren’t I the lucky girl!). Then at the office I’ll have between one and three more cups of herbal tea, depending on how cold the day is. Sitting at a desk I get cold easily and like to have a warm cup to wrap my hands around.Again, if it’s a cold day I often have one more cup in the evening, curled up on the couch with my cats.

V: Which cup of the day do you enjoy the most and why?
K: The last cup of the day, relaxing at home. That is my time to breathe and let go of the day’s pressures and I really enjoy a hot cup of tea then.
V: Do you have a favourite tea cup/mug? Maybe you would like to share a picture of it with us....*smiling.
K: I do! I LOVE ceramic mugs and for years I have been trying to find just the right set for our home. My
dad gave me two wonderful mugs from a local artist that I treasure. You can see them in the photos.


These november days

There are only a few spots to be found around here were the ground is covered with a thin layer of powdery snow. The lack of snow makes these november days feel endlessly dark, it felt heavenly getting two days that were filled with some hours of sun last week!!! I could have just stood and stared at it...bathed in it.....filled myself up with these bright and life giving rays of light.
December is just around the corner, it almost frightens me how fast the time goes by. I remember my beloved grandmother, Gunhild, were often speaking about how she felt that the older she got the faster the time went by.... Please slow down time, i am only 39!!*smiling......
I have been both childish, impulsive and extravagant: when buying Christmas presents a few days back (i only have two left) i came across a pop-up shop by my favourite chocolate brand (the Danish brand Summerbird). The first time i tasted their chocolates were in Copenhagen many years back, i will never forget the taste that filled my mouth when taking that first bite....HEAVENLY! It has been very hard to get hold of it here in Norway so when coming across it at an almost local shopping mall it lead to the fact that i came home with a big Summerbird Chocolate advent calendar for myself...*blushing... can't wait to open the first "door" tomorrow. I haven't had an advent calendar since i were a kid...and i guess that is the most normal scenario when you are a grown up...*laughing...
Here in the house we have the advent lights and candles ready for tomorrow, a big bowl with tangerines on the table and some fresh hyacinths placed around......perfect ingredients for creating a cozy advent atmosphere. I don't have the heart to get rid of the faded tulips i have on the table now.......the colorful fallen petals looks pretty against the white table top... Makes me think about a quote i read the other day..

“Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing
― Camille Pissarro


ingredients of today

sunshine, tea, good music, knitting and tulips...
what a WONDERFUL day!


Because i live my days in such a slow pace i find myself noticing more, paying deeper attention, to among other things the changes in nature. So i do hope you forgive me for turning into one of those "boring" people who talk about the weather (and other "small" things) all the time...*laughing. The snow that we got here some days back already disappeared again the day after because of rainy weather. And since then it has truly been grey and rainy here, the lack of daylight makes it almost impossible for me to take good enough pictures to share here. Despite that it hasn't turned cold yet warming homemade soups are more often on the "menu" here, tea are poured in cups even more often than usual...*smiling..., curling up with a good book seems like a daily happening now and the time for buying fresh flowers more often have started (my favourite way of adding color and a feeling of "growth" into these more or less colorless days in this season).

And of course a few loves:
Paula's little video from the old pottery.
Niina's new tatoo (12'th picture in her post).
This lovely interview with Jillian.
Liesl's 3 questions serie.