Hello november

"How silently they tumble down
And come to rest upon the ground
To lay a carpet, rich and rare,
Beneath the trees without a care,
Content to sleep, their work well done,
Colors gleaming in the sun.

At other times, they wildly fly
Until they nearly reach the sky.
Twisting, turning through the air
Till all the trees stand stark and bare.
Exhausted, drop to earth below
To wait, like children, for the snow."
-   Elsie N. Brady, Leaves



Knitting, strong wind and childishness

The last two days have been sunny and bright here, HEAVENLY.  It has also been incredibly windy, leafs are dancing around in our garden all day long. When we worked a bit in the garden this weekend i had to wear a hat because of the strong wind and that was perfect because i had just finished knitting myself the pretty Rosebud Hat...*smiling. I have never been fond of knitting
cables/braids (probably because of my lack of patience) but this was such a fun and fast knit.
My dear Anna gifted me a skein of a lovely pink yarn a little while back and in between my Christmas gift knitting i have started knitting a pair of socks for myself with it. The Ivy Trellis Socks from The Botanical Knits book, another lovely gift from another dear friend...*smiling!
The last months i have been supergood at using yarn from my stash, and also unraveling pieces that are never used, so (completely without "guilt") i am going to treat myself with some new yarn in the beginning of the new year....*smiling.
My bestie,G, are so kind to ask me for a wishlist for Christmas (and birthdays) each year (she knows that i am so childish that i LOVE writing wishlists)...*laughing. And yes, i have already started! Do you write wishlists?


After having had something that feels like an "endless" amount of grey and rainy days lately the sun was (finally) greeting me when i pulled away the bedroom curtains today. It was up (much) earlier than me and more than ready to make me happy and refreshed by it's precense as soon as i started my day...*smiling...
After having a (late) breakfast i am heading out in our garden to do some slow and easy work there. Getting rid of the evidence of a long ago faded summer. One of the flowers that we have in our garden, and that i am especially fond of, are the one in the picture straight above (taken this summer): Astrantia Major. When they are in bloom i often bring some of them inside too because they look so pretty in a vase. Last year i also put a few of them in a flower press and they looked very pretty that way too.
And a few autumn related loves...*smiling
-The lovely and talented Suzie has just put two new teas in her shop, perfect for this time of year: the Immune system herbal tea (looks so pretty too) and the Cough and Cold herbal tea.
-The change of seasons always makes my sensitive and reactive skin "act up" even more (the change from autumn to winter is in my case the worst period). And having a good and moisturising lip balm is also essential for me this time of year: The Pangea's Italian red mandarine with rose lip balm is just as lovely as it sounds.
-Reading is one of my favourite "activities" and i find it especially cozy in the autumn and winter time with it's shorter and darker days. At the moment i am reading several things: translated poetry of Olav H. Hauge through the book Leaf-Huts and Snow Houses, the inspirational and highly useful writings of Brenè Brown and the novel The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce. Three completely different ones but ALL to my likings.
-And not to mention knitting! I have been such a "good girl" using from my stash and actualy also unraveling knitted things that i turned out to not like after all ....*smiling. Speaking of this, linking with to Felicia's Stash Less/Why we stash blog post. I always enjoy her posts so much!


Norwegian Made- supporting the Norwegian makers.Telling their stories and reclaiming traditional life & values.

I am so excited about this post! A few weeks back i came across a wonderful company called Norwegian Made and i have been dying to talk about it in here ever since...*smiling....

"Norwegian Made is a company founded by Marit Saxegaard and Cathrine Wefall in 2013.
Norwegian Made appreciates the values & qualities of the authentic norwegian made products.
We want to enhance this tradition and show it in its contemporary frame.
Norwegian Made is all about the story. We invite you backstage into the makers workshops and show you the process behind the norwegian made products. We want you to feel the touch of quality materials under your fingertips and the dust in your nose when the carpenter works his saw. 
We in Norwegian Made belive that quality products made to last are good for us. 
We seek a revival of old values, where time is slower, and people and the joy of living - not material goods - are in focus."

Their value statement/ethos are music to my ears and i am wholeheartedly wishing Norwegian Made the very best of luck with their wonderful and important work.

"The philosophy behind Norwegian Made (NM) is to enhance the traditional norwegian quality handcrafted goods and the skills passed down from generation to generation. NM wishes to restore the dignity of the hard earned, man made product.

The company will work actively to augment consciousness  concerning mass consumption, quality and local production. We wish to help smaller, independent companies to find the way to a bigger, international marked, and thus secure the livelihood of all the norwegian makers. 

Handcraft and skill based production is founded on a deep knowledge of processes and materials. This is knowledge acquired through centuries that is at risk of being lost because of the western society's turning towards an ever more intellectualized work life and because of the outsourcing of production to low-cost countries where workers have little protection and often work under bad conditions. We want to take an active part to turn this trend. 

Norwegian Made wishes to raise consumer conciousness to quality, to laborer rights and to local production in an environmental perspective. Good quality will often imply sensible use of the world's resources and sustainable development, at the same time as the valuable immaterial culture is being honored and kept alive."


Later this fall Norwegian Made will open their own web shop (and yes they will ship worldwide)! Keep updated, and get inspired, through their instagramwebsite and facebook.

All pictures in this post are Norwegian Mades own.

Sunday the grey quiet day...

The nearby mountain tops are covered with snow here now. In a few days i bet we will wake up to a snowy day outside our window. Yesterday we had such a grey weather day, it felt like the daylight hadn't visited at were hidden behind the thick layer of fog which refused to disappear....and it looks like we will have the same type of weather today. Can't even see our neighbours house because of the thick fog.

I always feel it exciting when i come across Norwegian poets whose work are translated into English, and of course especially when it is one of my favourites like Olav H.Hauge...*smiling...

Drops in the East Wind, 1966
by Olav H. Hauge

You've left the big storms
behind you now.
You didn't ask then
why you were born,
where you came from, where you were going to,
you were just there in the storm,
in the fire.
But it's possible to live
in the everyday as well,
in the grey quiet day,
set potatoes, rake leaves,
carry brushwood.
There's so much to think about here in the world,
one life is not enough for it all.
After work you can fry bacon
and read Chinese poems.
Old Laertes cut briars,
dug round his fig trees,
and let the heroes fight on at Troy.


Some pictures from my autumn holiday in the deep woods of Finnskogen.
It was a perfect holiday in every single way...*smiling....



A cup of tea, with Ilona.

I am quite passionate about tea and because i hugely enjoy both drinking it and talking about it i have "sat down" together with some lovely tea drinking ladies and asked them a few questions about their relationship with tea. This time it is the sweet Ilona and i who are having our tea-time together.

V: Have you been drinking tea for a long time?
I: I remember drinking tea occasionally since childhood. True tea drinking began eight years ago during my studies. I needed little caffeine boost in the morning to get myself going. (I hate the taste of coffee.)

V: Do you prefer loose tea or tea bags?
I: I usually prefer tea bags because it's so easy. Loose tea is for special moments when I have the energy to prepare my tea properly and do the dishes afterwards. That happens a few times a week.

V: Your favourite teas?
I: Earl Greys are my all time favourites. For example Numi Aged Earl Grey and Lipton Russian Earl Grey. Darjeeling with a slice of lemon is also great. I'm a real fan of black teas.
I have a special tea journal (second picture below). I try to save a package of each tea label I drink. I stick the packages on the journal pages and maybe write down something about the tea experiences. I know it sounds a bit silly. But the tea wrappers usually are very beautiful. The journal is a good source of inspiration for my creative work.


V: Where do you mostly buy Your tea?
I: I buy my tea from local grocery stores or eco markets. Sometimes I swap teas with my friends in the blogosphere by mail. It's a great way to find new flavours.

V: Do most of Your family and friends also drink tea?
I: When I meet my friends we always make a pot of tea. My significant other doesn't drink tea so much but sometimes I get to boil water for him too. 

V: Favourite thing(s) to eat together with Your tea?
I: Fruits or / and chocolate. I like cakes but I don't bake. Alas, I don't have cake often.


V: Most times, do you do something while you drink Your tea?
I: I read newspaper, comicbooks, poems or blogs. I write, I draw. With friends, tea time is also knitting time. I always do something while I drink my tea.

V: How does a typical tea-day look like for you?
I: Tea is an important part of my breakfast. I used to drink tea many times per day but nowadays I drink tea only once or twice a day. My morning tea is always black. If I drink afternoon tea it can be green. Sometimes I drink rooibos to warm up after evening walks. Especially winter can be cold here in Finland.

V: Which cup of the day do you enjoy the most and why?
I: It's the first cup I like the most. It wakes me up and comforts me at the same time.


V: Do you have a favourite tea cup/mug? Maybe you would like to share a picture of it with us....*smiling.
I: I have plenty of cups and mugs. It depends on my mood wich I am using. 
I love this huge yellow Ikea mug (picture above). I have it also in green but the yellow one is just better. It works on every occasion.


i woke up early today and did a slow walk outside, oh how deeply i love these rare mornings when my body is up for some movement without completely "crashing" afterwards. the last years these kind of mornings have become both rare and very precious to me. the thick morning fog were covering the nearby wooden hills, the air so fresh that i got "apple cheecks" after just a few minutes and my shoes turned wet by walking in the moist grass, often stopping up and closing my eyes to really "own" the strong feeling of being ALIVE that comes from walks like these. everything so peaceful and silent..just a few birds were keeping me company and when turning my nose back home again a tiny yellow colored butterfly greeted me with it's happy fluttering of wings.
i was actually meaning to show you some pictures today from my autumn holiday trip, but when i spotted these beautiful echinaceas this morning i changed my mind. but i will of course (gladly) share them with you a bit later...*smiling...
“Be willing to be a beginner every single morning.” 
  ― Meister Eckhart