A little bit about this and that...


I can almost SEE that my newly re-potted plants are feeling happy...*smiling*.. 
The knitting project that i have chosen for Leigh's lovely knit along is growing too. The yellow colored yarn makes me so happy. I have been sitting a bit outside today while knitting and i can notice now that i have got a lot of new freckles....a lovely sign on my skin of the beloved spring's arrival . 
Our neighbours put up a trampoline for the kids in their garden this Easter and it is such a joyus thing for me too: the sound of these laughing kids (they have five) is so lovely. Yesteday i laughed so hard that my stomach started to cramp........laughter is so "terribly" contagious...especially the laughter of kids....*smiling*...
After the knit along i am thinking about picking a hat as the next knitting project. Melody has tempted and inspired me through her "Knit twelve hat's in a year challenge". I have a huge crush on two of the ones that she has made so i think i maybe will end up with knitting them both.  I want to try to get hold of come Manos or Malabrigo for these hats. Or maybe some De Rerum Natura, i have been wanting to try some of that yarn for a long time now.
Anna Emilia's beautiful work is transfered onto fabric. I am definitely sure that everyone who sleeps in such pretty duvet covers must have the sweetest dreams every night...*smiling*...
I can happily say that "The power we hold as consumers" journey that i started upon at the beginning of this year is going very VERY WELL. I have been looking for a non-toxic and cruelty free sunscreen for a while. It is a lot of bad stuff that they put into sun care products! A safe and good choice that i (finally) have found is this one: Coola Plant Sun Care.
These sunny days makes me look hugely forward to drinking iced tea. I have done a "clean up" in my tea selection today and found out that i actually had both my favourite teas to make iced tea with: Thè des Alizès and Thè du Hammam, both from Le palais des Thès. (The recipe i use are very simple but good: Double the amount of tea, pour over cold water and put in the fridge for at least an hour).
Listening to some lovely Norwegian music lately...and some lovely Swedish music too....*smiling*...


I have been "living" outside the last few days, such a gorgeous weather! Today i have been tending to my plants, a thing that i hugely enjoy. Giving my green plants more space through moving them over in bigger pots and giving them new and nutricional soil. Also giving my new "green babies" better growing conditions through bigger pots and better soil...grow babies grow...*smiling*..
And as always when i am tending to my plants i am wearing my pretty LieslMade apron! By the way: you can find out a little bit about me in a 3 questions interview at Liesl's LOVELY blog. I feel hugely flattered, happy and honored!!...*smiling*...

“Every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whispers, 'Grow, grow.'”

-The Talmud quotes


A cup of tea with Inge

I am quite passionate about tea and because i hugely enjoy both drinking it and talking about it i have "sat down" together with some lovely tea drinking ladies and asked them a few questions about their relationship with tea. This time it is the lovely Inge and i who are having our tea-time together....*smiling*..

V: Have you been drinking tea for a long time?
I: Yes! My mom always made a pot of tea in the mornings and the afternoons, so I could easily grab a cup. When I was a teen my love for tea grew as I began to pick my own flavours and make my own pots of tea. Then when I left home and started buying my own tea, a world of flavours and loose leaf tea opened up to me and made me an even bigger fan.

V: What are your favourite teas?
I: I love floral teas, like earl grey, rose and jasmine, and hints of vanilla, coconut or nuts. My all-time favorite is elven tea (http://www.theefabriek.nl/theepostorder/elves-b-g-org-p-260.html), which is a combination of green and black tea, bergamot, jasmine-, cornflower- and marigoldblossom and vanilla. I mostly drink green tea, even though in the darker months I also enjoy a good cup of black tea with spices.

V: Do you prefer loose leaf tea or tea bags?
I: Loose tea. I like that loose leaf tea usually consists of the whole leaf, instead of the "dust" in most tea bags. It think it gives more flavour.

V: Where do you mostly buy your tea?
I: Years ago, while on holiday with my parents in the northern part of the Netherlands, we encountered a tea museum and store called de Theefabriek, or Tea Factory (http://www.theefabriek.nl/). I was in heaven. I had never seen anything like it. There were so many tea blends with the most imaginative names. My (I think) 14 year old self especially loved the witches tea, the elven tea and the troll tea. Years after our visit, I was still thinking about those teas. Then the internet got invented (haha!) and eventually it occurred to me that I could look them up. I found to my utmost pleasure that they had started an online store. I have ordered my teas with them ever since.

V: Favourite things to eat together with your tea?
I: I usually drink my tea after I've eaten something. Sometimes I eat a homemade cookie or muffin with my tea, but I've usually finished eating it before my tea has cooled down enough to drink!

V: Most times, do you do something while having your tea?
I: Unfortunately, yes. I would like to sit down with my tea and really enjoy it without doing anything, but that usually only happens on warm summer mornings. Most of the time I'm either reading or working while drinking tea.

V: Do you often drink tea together with friends and/or family?
I: When friends or family come over, I always make a pot of tea. And catching up with female friends is always accompanied by lots of tea!

V: How does a typical "tea-day" in your daily life look like?
I: My first cup of the day is after breakfast. I used to drink one before breakfast, but found that it didn't taste as good as after. (Does anybody else have that experience too?) Then halfway through the morning I have another, and then another after lunch. These are mostly all green teas. Then in the afternoon I long for something stronger, so I usually make a pot of black tea with spices and drink a cup or 2-3. Then another green tea after dinner and some herbal tea before bed.

V: Which tea cup of the day do enjoy the most and why?
I: The first cup of the day. I brew a cup and take it with me to my workspace and as I check emails and such, it helps to start the workday on a nice, slow note. The cups of black tea around 4 in the afternoon are a close second though, because they get me through those last couple of hours of work!

V: Do you have a favourite tea cup/mug?
I: Not really. I'm still on the lookout for that perfect mug! I have one I really like the looks of and I have another that is just the right size. I've found that I like smaller mugs better, because with bigger mugs the tea is usually cold before I finish it! So with that new knowledge in mind, I think there's a perfect cup for me on the horizon.

Thank you Vibeke for asking me to do this tea post with you! It was really fun thinking about my tea habits :)