Trees in autumn by Rolf Jacobsen.

I love poetry
the last years i have been reading quite a lot of
Norwegian poets/poems who has been translated into English.
One of them are Rolf Jacobsen, i come back to his poems again and again.
And i find myself amazed by how much i LOVE them in translation,
even the ones that has a special meaning to me in my own language...

All photos by my dear friend Leigh.



Wearing (or should i rather say: living in!!) my BEAUTIFUL Stasis pullover that my dear friend Anna gifted me. VERY lucky me...*smiling!!
Listening to The Slow Home Podcast and the 6 Bits Storybooks podcast
Watching Little Bobbins Knits and Tiny Paper Foxes.
Reading Felicity by Mary Oliver. Thank you my sweet dear friend for gifting me this one!! It's so beautiful.
Knitting with the heavenly Fivrel yarn from Telespinn
Starting every morning with oatmeal porridge- yum! I find that it is tasting especially good this time of year. Lately i have also added some spelt grains to the porridge and it tastes so good. 

What about you?...*smiling..


Monthly quote, november.

"We wait, starving for moments of high magic to inspire us, but life is a banquet of common enchantment waiting for our alchemist’s eyes to notice."
-Jacob Nordby

(Inspired by Ruthie, from the wonderful blog Raincloud & Sage, i am going to join her in the beginning of every month with making a Monthly quote post in here. Feel free to join in too...*smiling...).


I feel that it is waaaaaay to early for Christmas marzipan and magazines, but they are already to be found in the stores here now. It's only october!! I am sticking to my rule: no marzipan (or clementine) eating before december. If not, i feel that some of the special feeling disappear....
But lately i have actually knitted two Christmas gifts, and i have also started writing my wishlist for this year's Christmas. I am horrible when it comes to presents, i am so silly and childish....i have even told two friends already parts of what they will get from me for Christmas...i simply can't help myself. And it seems that i am not getting "better" the older i get either...sadly....*laughing.

Today it was such beautiful weather here. It was sunshine with some light rain in between. I did a little walk together with my mother earlier today and we could see two rainbows on the sky. I am taking every opportunity i get to catch some extra daylight when it offers itself. 

Mary Oliver's new collection of poems are high up on my wishlist this year. The beautiful artwork "Blackberry in Grey Wedgwood" are on it too.
Have you already thought about your Christmas wishes? 
Maybe some of you have started working on some knitted gifts too, i would love to hear?


Lucky ones

The lucky ones in the Autumn read, a handmade bookmarks giveaway by Ludid Ryu are 

-Plain and Joyful Living
-Tracey, Clover
-Leigh M

Congratulations everyone!

And a big thank you to those of you who shared about what you are reading/planning to read! Some of them were immediately added to my must-read-list...*smiling... 
Ohhh, how i love discovering new authors and books.


Autumn read, a handmade bookmarks giveaway by Ludid Ryu.

Autumn Reads

When I was 9 years old, I bought a book for myself.  It was called Talking with the Animals.
It had a plain yellow cover with black and white photographs inside.  This book has been with
me for many years.  There are pencil marks, highlighted phrases, torn edges, and spots all over it. 
My favorite place read this book as a child was on a small sofa next to a window at home. 

In these cozy autumn days, this is what reading feels like to me---Taking a road trip down a tree-covered road. Riding under a canopy of yellow and orange goodness.

On my desk I have two books that I will be reading this season: 

The Good Good Pig by Sy Montgomery
Settled in the Wild:  Notes from the Edge of Town by Susan Hand Shetterly

Perhaps you have a book tucked away from your childhood that you want reread or share with a young one in your life during these autumn days.  The autumn days may be calling you to a book or genre.  May these bookmarks make you feel the coziness of the autumn days as you spent moments with books and tea. 

 A creative project I enjoy making especially in relation to books and reading are handmade bookmarks.  I created bundles which hold 10 unique bookmarks for Vibeke's readers.....for you.  These page savers have an autumn feel.  Thank you Vibeke for hosting the giveaway for four bundles.

Thank YOU dear Ludid, for giving me the privilige of hosting this lovely giveaway! Since you are such a generous friend i am so lucky that i actually have several different ones that you have gifted me throughout the years that we have known each other. I use them all the time, and in my opionion bookmarks are one of those things that one can never ever get too many of...*smiling...

It was so nice to read your words Ludid! Books are one of my favourite topics to talk about and i too would like to share with you and my readers what i have on my "reading list" (so far) this autumn and winter:

I picked up Goodnight, June by Sarah Jio at the library today. I have been on the waiting list for this one for quite some time so i think that i will start reading it this evening despite that i haven't finished reading the one that i have already started on from before. Which is The plum tree by Ellen Marie Wiseman.

Jean-Paul Didierlaurent's  The Reader on the 6:27.
Swim with those who drown by Lars Mytting.
I am also waiting for a Norwegian book about birds that i am hugely looking forward to read...*smiling.

Ludid is giving away 4 bundles of her beautiful handmade bookmarks to you my readers, one bundle each to 4 people. If you want to get the chance to become one of those people, just leave a comment under this post. If you feel like it it would be lovely to hear which book(s) you are planning to read this autumn or winter...or maybe you want to share what you are currently reading, or simply what your favourite book(s) are...*smiling...

Giveaway are open until the end of the coming monday. I will announce the winners in here on the following day.


Sorry for not writing many words in here lately and instead mostly sharing photos. It's like i am in a more silent period, and it feels like my photos has turned into "my words"....if that makes sense...*smiling....
Maybe i should "blame" it on autumn, it's turning more silent too. 

Yesterday i walked among the trees again, enjoying the sound and sight of falling leafs. I walked under some big trees too, the bright yellow leafs were brushing my hair.

Today i have been standing by the window, wrapped in my newly finished Flukra, winding yarn while looking at the Great Tits in our garden. Watching the birds makes me so happy!



fresh flowers
dentist appointments (my worst FEAR)
podcast listening
Flukra knitting
warming food
colder days
knitting dreams and planning
reading time
walking among the glorious autumn colors, pausing by the breathtaking trees
loving the Isager yarn i am working with now for my Flukra
skyping with dear and far away friends...*smiling...
grateful heart
looking forward to several things towards the end of this month
the beginning of the next (read: knitting festival together with my sister and 
hotel trip with my mother)