This and that

Drinking a delicious herbal tea that a dear friend gifted me. It doesn't only taste good, it looks pretty too.
Eating plums from local farmers. Looking forward to that every autumn!
Listening to the rain.
Reading the most wonderful magazine: Lucia Journal. LOVE it!!
Starting to knit the Hermaness Worsted hat tomorrow together with two far away friends. Can't wait to start, knitalongs are so much fun.....*smiling

Speaking of knitalongs. In the beginning of october i am taking part in yet another knitalong and if would be exciting if some of you are interested in joining in too. It is a Gudrun Johnston shawl knit along. That means that everyone that is taking part is knitting one of Gudrun's shawls. I have picked the Flukra shawl and i will use Isager's Alpaca 2 for it. If you are on Instagram you can use the hashtag #gudrunshawlkal I will also share about my progress in here. There is no official sign up for this knitalong but you can use the hashtag on Instagram and/or leave me a comment here so we can keep updated about each other...*smiling.


Monthly quote, September.

"I have come to drag you out of yourself, and take you in my heart.
I have come to bring out the beauty you never knew you had and lift you like a prayer to the sky.”
(Inspired by Ruthie, from the wonderful blog Raincloud & Sage, i am going to join her in the beginning of every month with making a Monthly quote post in here. Feel free to join in too...*smiling...).


Planned swaps

Autumn is saying hello here now. Through painting nature in it's gorgeous color palette, crisp wind and shorter days. I have always loved this season but i must admit that the shorter days with decreasing lack of daylight that it also carries with is something that i am not very fond about. It has aready turned a bit too cold for it but i am stubbornly holding on to my favorite summerdress and bare feet....just for a few days more.

I will put together two more swaps this year, one in september and one in november/december.
The one in september will be an autumn themed swap and you can sign up with sending me an email at 
The information that i need from you are your postal address, and also if you have some allergies or other things that it is practical to know about. Instead of me setting/suggesting a budget, i think it is more practical that every swap pair decide together about the budget for the swap. 
Sign up closes at the end of saturday 29/08. I will get in touch with every one that signs up in the following days.

In case some of you are like me, means: like to plan ahead...*smiling..i am letting you know the theme for the swap in november/december. It will be a "winter comfort package" swap. You can of course also sign up for that one now if you like. I will of course also make an own blog post about it in the beginning of november.


it is like everywhere i look i see beauty around me these days...
giving thanks..
my heart is filled with deep gratitude!


Days are getting shorter. It is dark outside now when we go to bed at night....feels different, takes time to get used to it again. Still having veranda-living days. Weather is sunny and the air so fresh as only the autumn can offer. Most of the wildflowers have faded but some are still "hanging around". 
And the beautiful heather has started to decorate the forest behind our house, 
Days have been filled with blessings and beauty....
friendstime and unexpected trip to see fjords and mountains- oh how i LOVE my country and friends....*smiling..

Thank you to everyone who has entered in my little Norwegian-things giveaway! I have put together the names of everyone that has entered (via email, blog and instagram) and my husband has just picked out the three winners (random drawing). 
Here they are...*smiling

-itmariknits won the yarn
-Rebecca Shaw won the "Rådyr" card
-msamms_ahall won the card by Opdahl.


Instagram crush: @yellowhousedays

I am so deeply in love with Beth's words and images.....visting her Instagram (and blog and flickr) ALWAYS feeds my soul! Thank you dear Beth for everything you share
letting me share you with my readers.

"this year the word i want to guide me is connection... as i think about what brings me the most joy, it's when i feel a connection with others, with myself, my spirit, my faith, my body... when i feel frustrated or full of anxiety i've come to see it's because of a disconnection in one or more of these areas. already i have seen a difference in choices i make based on this word. it keeps coming up in podcasts, in books, in blog posts, in conversations... the importance of looking into the eyes of those around you and listening..."

"years ago i stumbled onto @annvoskamp and her blog, then her book about gratitude called one thousand gifts. being grateful has changed me... has helped me look beyond myself, has made me notice and look for things to be grateful for. i am not faithful to this notebook, it's taken me a few years to get to 1000... and although the gifts are there all the time, there is something about writing them down."

"hands... open. willing to accept surprises because sometimes those are the best gifts. a hummingbird in the garden while i cut zinnias and sunflowers, lunch and deep conversation with a friend, and later a dinner date with my son at my favorite restaurant... each a delightful surprise."

"expectation :: i find it's easy for me to expect too much some days... from myself, from my children... paying attention to how i feel in those moments where expectations don't match reality, taking time to get at why, taking time to breathe deep and long..."

"learning to hold on loosely... their first day back to school, the busy that comes with packing backpacks and lunches, meetings and schedules, uncertainties... thinking about how to be grateful anyway, how to pay attention to the littlest things... like their nervous energy this morning, her hair pulled back with bobby pins, him brushing his teeth without being told, my hour of free time before they come home, cold ice water with lemon... and how holding loosely allows my expectations to roll along without getting optoomuchistic."

All writings and photos by Beth/@yellowhousedays
You can also find Beth at "Hello there, friend" and Flickr.


Autumn giveaway (now closed)

On my wonderful holiday trip this summer i bought with me a few things Norwegian made that i both fell in love with and wanted to giveaway in here. I hope you like them too...*smiling..

  • 2 skeins of Norwegian wool from Rauma Ull, in a slightly dusted brown color. 2 skeins totals 600 meters. 
  • Art card/Greeting card "Rådyr" by Elise Stalder.
  • Art card/post card by Ørnulf Opdahl.

I will randomly draw three winners (includes people entering through email and Instagram too). The first one will get the two yarn skeins and the two other ones will get one card each (i think there is a big chance that there will be some Norwegian chocolates to find in your packages too). 

PS: If there are some of these things you especially wish for you can write it with in the comment. It would be a shame to for example send yarn to a person that doesn't knit....*smiling.....

To enter the giveaway just leave a comment under this post, or you can also enter through sending me an email (you find it under "contact" at the top of the page) or through Instagram. If you enter by comment please remember to include an email address so i can get in touch if you are one of the lucky ones...*smiling...

The giveaway is open until the end of wednesday the 19 this month. I will announce the winners on the following day.