the last ones

just a few more pictures from my trip, the last ones.

above: the view from walking up to Kråkenes Fyr/Lighthouse. i wish i could have added the sound we heard, the intense sound of a countless amount of seagulls and the crashing of waves. 

below: mom admiring the view, also in the area of Kråkenes Fyr/Lighthouse. it was a bright and sunny day but the wind were strong so she wore the Mara Shawl that i knitted her a couple of years ago. i LOVE seeing dear ones wearing things that i have knitted for them!!

below: our camping car taking a rest in beautiful surroundings....*smiling...

below: Kannesteinen at Vågsøy, fascinating! the shape reminds me of E.T...*smiling...


from my trip

july days it is back to "normal" Norwegian summer weather again...cold and windy! This evening we even used our fireplace, it felt a bit crazy but it was so cold outside. Knitted socks are put back on feets again and i am lighting my favourite beeswax candle in the evenings to make it extra cosy to stay indoors. One of the positive things about staying indoors a bit more again is that i get to view the beautiful photography, titled Heather, that Kristina gifted me a little while back- i LOVE it so. I am putting with the link to it on Etsy so can you get a better view of it, my photo of it (above) doesn't do it proper justice....*smiling...
This weekend will consist of A LOT of cake eating and celebration of family members. Both tomorrow and on sunday. Tomorrow i am going to do the decorations for the tables. Since it is a garden party we have a big party tent so the weather wont stop us but we are of course hoping for good weather- at least that it will not be rain!! I will for sure take some woolen "accessories" with to wrap myself into as the evening gets colder and turns into night.

Next week i will go on a few days holiday together with my mother. We haven't decided were we will go yet but since we are traveling with her camping car we don't have to either. The only thing we have decided upon is that we are not going abroad, we will stay here in Norway. Last time we went together on holiday (with her camping car) we ended up going to Lofoten, it is the most beautiful place i have EVER visited and i have dreamt of traveling back there ever since!! It will not be this time though because it will take much longer time than we have for this holiday.

I have slowly started to pack since this weekend is kind of full of happenings from before. The first thing i put in my bag were two knitting projects, guess that didn't come as a big surprise to some of you...*laughing. One of them are Lèttlopi yarn for a second Nordic Wind shawl, this time in different shades of brown. This shawl is such a joy to knit, i am truly looking forward to start on it!

If i don't find the time to come in here again and make a new blog post before i go on my little holiday i want to wish you all the happiest july days!


Flowers everywhere..


lovely summer days, feeling peaceful and "silent" in myself, knitting projects being finished and new ones started, flowers everywhere, in our garden my climbing rose has fastly turned from full bloom into letting go of it's petals.....the ground is sprinkled with pink petals there- a beautiful sight, discovering and eating wild strawberries together with a dear friend, looking forward to maybe going on a little holiday trip soon...

enjoying have company's podcasts
seen the movie Last Love and loved it


Gregoria Fibers yarn give-away (now closed).

The Lucky winner is Flaming Nora, congratulations!...*smiling...

I am very excited about introducing you to my friend Anna and her Gregoria Fibers:
"I'm a fiber artist. I'm originally from Spain but two years ago I moved to Germany. This year I've started my own business, Gregoria Fibers, here in my small apartment.
I'm a person who likes to do things with her hands. I've learned by my own how to sew, to knit and now dyeing . Since i've i learned to knit, fibers has become an obsession.
I do work with natural dyes because natural dyes, explains my way of understand life, I try to be more conscious and environmentally friendly,  working with natural products and traditional techniques.
My dyes can be found in the market like vegetables, another like flowers and herbs that my dad grow in his garden and dries for me,  and also I work with some classics like madder, logwood or sandalwood."
Logwood dyed give-away skein

Logwood dyed give-away skein
And guess what, Anna is giving away a skein of her beautiful Gregoria Fibers yarn to one of you!
"The yarn is dyed with logwood- 1 bath.
75% Merino 25% nylon SW
100 g - 459 yards
Recommended needle size: 2.5 mm / 1.5 US"

If you like to enter in this give-away of Anna's beautiful yarn just leave a comment under this blog post, remember to also write with your email address so i can get in touch with you if you become the lucky one. This give-way are of course open for everyone to enter and it will be open until the end of monday the 6th of july.
The winner will be announced in here on the following day.

Wishing you all good luck
a very happy summer weekend!...*smiling.


Monthly quote: July.

"I believe the nicest and sweetest days are not those on which
anything splendid or wonderful or exciting happens
but just those that bring simple little pleasures,
following on another softly, like pearls
slipping off a string."

-L.M. Montgomery

(Inspired by Ruthie, from the wonderful blog Raincloud & Sage, i am going to join her in the beginning of every month with making a Monthly quote post in here. Feel free to join in too...*smiling...).


Spinning Old Yarns Shawl knit pattern give-away (now closed).

The lucky winner are "Full av Ull", congratulations!...*smiling
Let me introduce you to Nicole! She is a knit wear designer from the snowy land of Buffalo, NY.

I am very excited to share with you that Nicole is giving away a copy of her beautiful Spinning Old Yarns Shawl knit pattern to one of you. I always find it inspiring and interesting to learn about the thoughts and inspiration that lays behind a created piece, that be everything from a painting to a knit wear pattern!
Below you get to read the story behind Nicole's Spinning Old Yarns shawl,

"Here are some of my thoughts as I have been thinking about this shawl :)
One of the favorite units regularly taught in USA history classes is Immigration.  The unit is dwelt upon for a long time and, to be honest, usually ends up as the essay topic on the final exam.  (If my memory serves me right, the absolute favorite is the Irish wave of immigration around the turn of the century, due to a potato famine in Ireland.  This then would lead us to a discussion on the horrific living conditions they faced in NYC, in contrast to "streets of gold".)

 It is natural--nay, it is important that we do spend time focusing immigration.  Why? Very simply, because most of the country is composed of peoples whose origins are from all around the world.  Each people group came (and even still is coming) in a different wave, started a new life among other various immigrants, and formed what we now affectionately call the "the melting pot."

I have German and English roots that settled in Canada and the Blue Mountains of Virginia.  There were Norwegian ancestors of mine who became pioneers to South Dakota.  Not too far back is a Swedish line.  And somewhere in there, we squeezed in minute percentages of Scottish, Irish, Italian, and French, beside a number of others that I can hardly remember!  Dare I even mention my great grandfather to the tenth, Miles Standish?

There are stories upon stories and picture albums stuffed of family faces.  I certainly could spin some yarns for you!  (Har-har...)

There are others more diverse than myself when it comes to their immigrant background. Yet even still, the vibrancy and the diversity of my family's history is evident.  Immigrants, sailors, pioneers, farmers, city folk:  a mix indeed!

Borrowed and mixed:  that is this shawl.  Techniques from here, ideas from there, and design choices of my own underlie the entirety of the pattern.
The construction of the shawl is very simple, shaped only by increases and decreases. There are no short rows, and the lace edging is knit at the same time as the body.  Since it uses size 8 needles with worsted weight wool, the shawl almost quite literally flows along!
The recommended yarn is 3 skeins of Cascade 220 worsted.  My test knitters did not use this yarn; in fact, all of them chose a different type!
Borrowed, mixed, designed, and then modified!  Tradition and change are embraced."

If you like to enter in this give-away of Nicole's beautiful knit pattern just leave a comment under this blog post, remember to also write with your email address so i can get in touch with you if you become the lucky one. Give-away closes at the end of this coming tuesday and the winner will be announced in here on the following day.

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