ingredients of today

sunshine, tea, good music, knitting and tulips...
what a WONDERFUL day!


Because i live my days in such a slow pace i find myself noticing more, paying deeper attention, to among other things the changes in nature. So i do hope you forgive me for turning into one of those "boring" people who talk about the weather (and other "small" things) all the time...*laughing. The snow that we got here some days back already disappeared again the day after because of rainy weather. And since then it has truly been grey and rainy here, the lack of daylight makes it almost impossible for me to take good enough pictures to share here. Despite that it hasn't turned cold yet warming homemade soups are more often on the "menu" here, tea are poured in cups even more often than usual...*smiling..., curling up with a good book seems like a daily happening now and the time for buying fresh flowers more often have started (my favourite way of adding color and a feeling of "growth" into these more or less colorless days in this season).

And of course a few loves:
Paula's little video from the old pottery.
Niina's new tatoo (12'th picture in her post).
This lovely interview with Jillian.
Liesl's 3 questions serie.


A conversation, with Lori.

There are so many women that inspires me in their own unique way and through these conversation posts you and i get the pleasure of getting to know a bit more about them....about what it is that inspires them, what a typical day in their life looks like, where they find beauty.....and much more...*smiling.
This time it is the lovely Lori that are sharing about herself and her life with us.


V: First dear Lori i just want to say how excited i am about this post, i have been "aching" to do one about you for a looooooong time....*smiling. I can't wait to share lovely you with my readers! And i thought it would be a nice way to start with you sharing a bit about yourself.
L: Thank you so much dear Vibeke, i'm delighted to have the chance 'sit' and have this conversation with you.


V: 5 words that you would choose to describe yourself?
L: Hmm. Babies. Compassionate. Traveled. Scaredycat. Brave. (And, knitter)

V: Words you try to live by?
L: Be kind.

V: One of the first things that pops up in my mind when i think about your lovely and inspiring blog are TRAVELS and i hope you don't mind talking a bit about this topic...*smiling. First i want to ask you what it means to you.......what value it has in your life?
L: Travel is everything. To travel is not just to see other places but to know others and ourselves. Travel dispels all prejudice, when your mind is open. It takes us outside of ourselves and teaches compassion,

Understanding, and good hope. I believe so deeply about the value of travel i think it is the best education there is. When my eldest son graduated from a four year university and had plans to immediately settle into the corporate world, i convinced him (pleaded) with him to see some of the world first. For his graduation gift we gave him a new backpack, guide books, foreign currency and a plane ticket. He ended up taking a year and doing a circumnavigation of the globe. When he returned, with a full passport, long hair and beard, and a new aura of enlightenment, it felt like he'd earned his diploma (he agreed) :)


V: I am sure this is a very hard one but i am of course very curious to get to know which one of all the travels that you have done so far that has given you some of your most cherished memories.
L: Oh goodness. i wouldn't know where to begin. It sometimes feels as if my life is made up of a series of travels, adventures, every one cherished. The most recent trip, to the shetland islands is so dear to my heart now, not just the place, which is incredibly beautiful, but the friendships made there too.  

Once upon a time, when i first met my husband, we took a 'big' trip together, both of us believing it's the best way to know a person. We flew to indonesia, boarded a (pirate) ship and sailed 100 miles over the indian ocean, our destination, the mentawai islands. Sailing through the isles for 3 weeks, he surfed, and then, together, when the boat was moored a distance from each island, we would dive into the sea and swim the quarter mile or so to the deserted white sandy beaches. This story is very long, but the short version is, i had brought very little yarn, so i unraveled what i was making in order to knit some small drawstring bags to collect seashells in. (When we had swam to the islands in only our bathing suits, there was no place to hold the little shells). At the end of our trip we knew we'd be together for always (he says he knew before  :) 


V: Places that you haven't visited yet but that you are dreaming about doing one day? And why these specific places?
L: I haven't visited scandinavia and i do dream about going someday. My family is from Sweden and Norway, part of the reason my sister and i would like to make the journey there. And i love all things scandinavian. I dream of africa. Of all the places i've been on the continent and the ones i hope to see someday.

V: Knitting and fibers are for sure a passion we have in common...*smiling. I am curious to hear about your first knitting memory and who it was that learned you this skill?
L: My Norwegian grandmother taught me to knit when i was 5 ~ 6. She taught me to sew, to bake pies with lattice tops, to embroider, to plant pennies under hydrangea to make the pink petals turn blue. My grandma Rose taught me all the things i love.


V: What do you have on your needles now?
L: A hap shawl, Hansel by Gudrun Johnston, for my soon to be born grandchild.


V: I am definitely a person that likes to have less (means about two) knitting projects going on at the same time but these days i am knitting on several ones, most of them are Christmas gifts. What "type" of knitter are you and do you often give away knitted gifts for family and friends?
L: Oh dear i am a very selfish knitter now! I knit for me mostly, and only now make for family if asked.  There is a village in Zimbabwe to knit for, Maxwell and his family... 

V: Three knitting projects that one can find at the top of your want-to-knit list?
L: A request from family or friends
     Fair Isle

V: I also need to grab the opportunity to chat a bit with you about photography Lori. One doesn't have to spend a long time on your blog to notice that you are a passionate and talented photographer. It is always such a joy for the eye when visiting your inspiring blog! What is it about photography that has "captured" you?
L: Thank you Vibeke. It seems that most everything i love i have been doing most of my life. I've had cameras since childhood. At 14 my dad gave me my first slr and at 16 built me a darkroom. At 17 we took a family trip across the United States, which lasted 3 months and we visited 47 states and Canada (we skipped Mexico, we had a house there growing up, where we spent a lot of time). For the trip my dad bought a VW van that he turned into a kind of camper, my mom sewed curtains and made cushions for the platform bed my dad made. they appointed me trip photographer | journalist. They gave me a blank book and bought rolls of film. I did my job and when we returned home, my parents cataloged each slide and gave a show to our friends and family. They were happy, until they read the journal, which i didn't think they would want to read and i wrote the 'f' word one too many times. lol. 

V: Can you tell us about some of your own photographs that means something special to you?
L: My first published photo. Any photo that elicits a response. The first book i was a part of. The birth photos i took of my grandchildren.



V: If you were to learn a new craft what would that be and why?
L: Weaving probably. Making fabric with lovely fibers in a way that is similar to knitting, meaning the soothing meditative repetitive movements seems so appealing. 

V: Simple everyday things that brings you joy?
L: I love hearing a foghorn sound in the morning, making matcha, walks on the beach, finding a love note from my husband. i love looking at my wool, birdwatching, spending time in my room, reading, knitting and watching clouds skimming over the mountains and hearing the ocean. Feeling gratitude. My puppy's face. Text's or phone calls from my kids!


V: As a closing i want to ask you if you would share with us what you are most grateful for in your life right now? I also want to thank you for giving me and my readers this opportunity to get to know you better, it has been wonderful!
L: Oh goodness thank you for asking Vibeke, and for having me here. I am so grateful for my new (grand) baby that is soon to be earthside. And that all my children and grandchildren are safe and happy and three are now close enough to not need a plane to get to. And now that all my children are fledged and gone, i think they would say they are happy i am so in love with the community of friends i have found here at home around the world and in the virtual world, i never feel alone, and am quite blessed. 


Lori's blog,
and ravelry.


A few weeks back i could still come across some colors on my walks. In the weeks after that the colors have faded and today everything is covered with a thin layer of white powder....the first snowfall is here!

I am struggeling with "the second socks syndrome" these days.
Reading The Perfume Collector by Kathleen Tessaro.
Watching the Danish TV thriller serie Dicte.
Listening to London Grammar over and over and over again, i don't think that i will ever tire from their music.
Crazy in love with Nicoles home.
Been thinking a lot lately about the (sometimes scary) fact that i am turning 40 next year.
Dreaming about going on my own Shetland Adventures one day!
Inspired by Babes i Boyland.
Craving these...marzipan butterflies covered with dark chocolate....yum!
Thanks to my dear Leigh i am planning on (and building up the courage to) trying out stranded colorwork in the beginning of the new year/after finishing Christmas gift knitting.
Looking forward to eat homemade pizza this weekend...*smiling..
Deeply grateful for your visits and kind comments here!!

Wishing you a cozy weekend, with or without snow
fall outside your window.
Much love, V.



Reading Scandinavian poetry and the inspiring and gorgeous magazine Oak- The Nordic Journal. Listening to music, the rain and quietness. Smelling the lovely scent from a beautiful bouquet of lilies that my husband surprised me with a few days back. Eating warming food, like spicy homemade soups. Adding to my knitlist and waiting to receive a temptation i weren't able to resist...*laughing... Looking forward to some planned friendstime and a visit from my sister this coming weekend. Thinking about treating myself with a massage soon, been a long time since last time. Dreaming about "diving" into a huge mug of hot chocolate at Starbucks....yum! Hugely enjoying spending time on a project together with my husband. Wearing my new and pretty Atelier Nausika ring, love it! Planning on making a kind of "photo/art wall" in our house, just not sure where yet. Excited that dear Patrice A. have opened her own Etsy shop- hurray...*smiling... And, as always, deeply inspired by sweet Joanne's tumblr.

What about you?


Hello november

"How silently they tumble down
And come to rest upon the ground
To lay a carpet, rich and rare,
Beneath the trees without a care,
Content to sleep, their work well done,
Colors gleaming in the sun.

At other times, they wildly fly
Until they nearly reach the sky.
Twisting, turning through the air
Till all the trees stand stark and bare.
Exhausted, drop to earth below
To wait, like children, for the snow."
-   Elsie N. Brady, Leaves



Knitting, strong wind and childishness

The last two days have been sunny and bright here, HEAVENLY.  It has also been incredibly windy, leafs are dancing around in our garden all day long. When we worked a bit in the garden this weekend i had to wear a hat because of the strong wind and that was perfect because i had just finished knitting myself the pretty Rosebud Hat...*smiling. I have never been fond of knitting
cables/braids (probably because of my lack of patience) but this was such a fun and fast knit.
My dear Anna gifted me a skein of a lovely pink yarn a little while back and in between my Christmas gift knitting i have started knitting a pair of socks for myself with it. The Ivy Trellis Socks from The Botanical Knits book, another lovely gift from another dear friend...*smiling!
The last months i have been supergood at using yarn from my stash, and also unraveling pieces that are never used, so (completely without "guilt") i am going to treat myself with some new yarn in the beginning of the new year....*smiling.
My bestie,G, are so kind to ask me for a wishlist for Christmas (and birthdays) each year (she knows that i am so childish that i LOVE writing wishlists)...*laughing. And yes, i have already started! Do you write wishlists?


After having had something that feels like an "endless" amount of grey and rainy days lately the sun was (finally) greeting me when i pulled away the bedroom curtains today. It was up (much) earlier than me and more than ready to make me happy and refreshed by it's precense as soon as i started my day...*smiling...
After having a (late) breakfast i am heading out in our garden to do some slow and easy work there. Getting rid of the evidence of a long ago faded summer. One of the flowers that we have in our garden, and that i am especially fond of, are the one in the picture straight above (taken this summer): Astrantia Major. When they are in bloom i often bring some of them inside too because they look so pretty in a vase. Last year i also put a few of them in a flower press and they looked very pretty that way too.
And a few autumn related loves...*smiling
-The lovely and talented Suzie has just put two new teas in her shop, perfect for this time of year: the Immune system herbal tea (looks so pretty too) and the Cough and Cold herbal tea.
-The change of seasons always makes my sensitive and reactive skin "act up" even more (the change from autumn to winter is in my case the worst period). And having a good and moisturising lip balm is also essential for me this time of year: The Pangea's Italian red mandarine with rose lip balm is just as lovely as it sounds.
-Reading is one of my favourite "activities" and i find it especially cozy in the autumn and winter time with it's shorter and darker days. At the moment i am reading several things: translated poetry of Olav H. Hauge through the book Leaf-Huts and Snow Houses, the inspirational and highly useful writings of Brenè Brown and the novel The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce. Three completely different ones but ALL to my likings.
-And not to mention knitting! I have been such a "good girl" using from my stash and actualy also unraveling knitted things that i turned out to not like after all ....*smiling. Speaking of this, linking with to Felicia's Stash Less/Why we stash blog post. I always enjoy her posts so much!